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Blood Wine

Original Words and Music


1st Verse
Blood Wine, tastes fine
Have a Mug Anytime, Blood Wine
Drink a Mug, Drink some more
Then you wind up on the floor
with Blood Wine
I Drink it every night
I Drink it till I lose my sight
Blood Wine

2nd Verse
At a Party, out late
Orion Slave girl as my date
with Blood Wine
I had some fun, or so they say
Guess I drank to much that day, Blood Wine
B'Ij nearly took my head
and that Slave Girl well she's fuckin' Dead
Blood Wine

3rd Verse (repeats twice)
Skin the Tribble, kill the Fed
Don't care how just want 'em dead
Blood Wine
with a gun, with a knife
gonna take that Kuve's life, Blood Wine
Klin or Feddy we don't care
you better watch your banner or we'll be there
with Blood Wine

Okay, this is probably the most recognized of the K'Filk songs.  This is also an original.  The Music is ours (only 1 of 2 songs that are).  This was the 3rd K'Filk song written (The first two were Klingon Blues and Sweet Home Qon'oS).  It is also the first K'Filk song written as a Rock'n'Roll song (The first two were blues songs).  This was written after a particularly brutal convention party where most of us ended up so plastered that we weren't really sure what we had done...but we had caused major havoc.  There's been an ongoing (in character) feud between us and the Federation Groups (Genesis Fleet) since our inception and this also was meant to fan that...and boy did it.

Fed and Feddy obviously refer to our Federation counterparts.  B'Ij is my consort's name.  Don't rant at me about the pronunciation of Kuve...I'm not listening




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