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K'Filk Downloads

This is it, your official WarBand K'Filk download area.  We're not going to bother with copyright stuff because frankly we've gotta be trampling copyrights left and right.  However, we ask that if you do download this stuff and distribute it that you ensure we get credit for it.  This stuff  may not sound the greatest, but we worked hard on it.  In addition to the download we're going to explain briefly what each song is about and provide lyrics as well.  The files are zip files so you'll have to download and unzip them.  I recognize that I'm not saving much space storing them this way but I need every byte I can get.  This area will stay up until my bandwidth is that point they'll have to come down.  When this was recorded Goldy (Maltz) was sick so frankly some of the vocals are weak at best.  It is our plan to re-record the entire album (adding new material) sometime in 2003.

Let me also clarify something.  We are NOT Klingon Linguists.  We KNOW some of the words are wrong.  We KNOW we can't spell properly in Klingon.  LET IT GO.  If your purpose here is to criticize our language skills then leave now lest you see the back side of my blade (except Klythe...he has bitching rights for posting his objections prior to this page being up...Maltz toasts Klythe!).  KLI has great forums for this subject...


WarBand is:

Mike "Goldy" Goldman Lead Vocals and Guitars
Thor Gould Bass and Vocals
George Harris Drums and Percussion
Max Griffin-Maya Lead Guitar


The Track List is:

Blood Wine Download Song   Lyrics & Explanation
Sweet Home Qon'oS Download Song   Lyrics & Explanation
Headin' for Sto'vo'kor Download Song   Lyrics & Explanation
Klingon Blues Download Song   Lyrics & Explanation
Run you Through Download Song   Lyrics & Explanation
Hey Feddy Download Song   Lyrics & Explanation
The Day Gowron Died Download Song   Lyrics & Explanation
Killing them All Download Song   Lyrics & Explanation


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