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Klingon Blues

Original Words and Music


1st Verse
Disruptor was Empty, and my Bat'leth was broke
Still got 7 Feddies, that I've gotta choke
I lined them up, One by one
Finished 'em off now I'm ready for for some fun
But the transporters breakin' most all of the time
So I'm stranded on planet without my Blood Wine

Well its the same
Its such a shame
You know you're gonna lose
You got them Klingon Blues

2nd Verse
They gave me a ship, sent me out to fight
But something about this ship just ain't right
Too many people, crazed look in their eyes
They say they're lookin' for those Federation skies

3rd Verse
Woke up this mornin' furry thing on my face
as soon as I kill it, Six more take its place
They call it a tribble, they say that they're fun
I told Korg to flush 'em out airlock one

This was the first K'Filk song we did.  Goldy used to play Acoustic Guitar at all our club parties and convention parties.  One evening after a particularly long drinking binge he started making up words as he played.  Our club went nuts.  They pushed Goldy for like 3 months to actually write up words for it.  Then, they made him play it at every party.  Eventually he was talked into performing it at a Star Trek Convention in St. Pete.  He won a trophy (Most Humorous award) and K'Filk had come to Florida.  This was the only pre-WarBand K'Filk song.  Everything else was originally performed with at least T'hor.  



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