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Hey Feddy

Sung to Hey Joe*



Each line is sung twice

1st Verse
Hey Feddy, where you going with that phaser in your hand
Going down to shoot that klingon, ya know I caught him messing round in my Engine Room

Lead Break

2nd Verse
Hey Feddy, have you lost your friggin mind
Hey Feddy, well that Klingon could kill you anytime

Lead Break

3rd Verse
Hey Feddy, where you gonna run to now
Way on out, ya know I'm settin' course for the Neutral Zone

Okay we reached a point where the K'Filk thing took off and we realized that we needed about a set worth of material.  Many songs were candidates during this time.  This song was one that was picked.  Not our best, but it also made the cut.  Again, vocals were weak due to Goldy being sick.  


*No Disrespect to Jimi Hendrix is intended




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